1885: Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith form a partnership and produce Binney & Smith pigment.

1900: The company begins producing slate school pencils.

1902: In response to requests from teachers, the company makes the first dustless school chalk.

1903: The Crayola brand is born as Binney & Smith introduces a box of eight crayons.

1936: Binney & Smith becomes a founding member of the Crayon, Watercolor and Craft Institute to promote product safety in art materials.

1984: The Crayola brand becomes part of Hallmark Cards.

1990: For the first time, eight colors are retired.

1993: Crayola celebrates its 90th anniversary by letting the public name colors for the first time. Those chosen include razzmatazz, timber wolf and shamrock.

2000: Crayola's first Color Census, an online poll, is launched. Blue ranks No. 1, and six shades of blue — cerulean, midnight blue, aquamarine, periwinkle, denim and blizzard blue — finish in the top 10.

2003: In honor of the centennial, the World's Largest Crayon was unveiled. It was 15 feet high and weighted 1,5000 pounds. It was made of "leftolas," bits of old crayons donated by kids across the country.

2005: The first erasable markers were introduced.

2007: Binney & Smith becomes Crayola LLC; a survey shows the brand has 99 percent recognition among U.S. households.

2008: Crayola 64 celebrates its 50th anniversary.