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Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
The young men are attended to by paramedics at the base of Mt. Olympus.

Four young men and a black lab were rescued from Mount Olympus this morning after spending a night on the mountain. They were tired, and wanting showers, but otherwise uninjured.

The hikers had started up the mountainside Sunday afternoon. Two of them had hiked this area before, but approached from a different side of the ridge. At some point, they made a wrong turn and realized they would need help getting down.

According to Salt Lake County Sheriff's Lt. Brent Atkinson, the young men where located by helicopter, and a rescue team was sent in on foot to help bring them down. However, they decided it would be too dangerous hike out in the dark, so they camped on the mountain as well, within about 250 feet from where the hikers had found shelter in a crevice.

Atkinson said this rescue had a happy outcome because the young men did the No. 1 most important thing — calling for help when they knew they couldn't get out on their own.