Hill Air Force Base will conduct readiness exercises today through Friday.

Airmen of the 388th Fighter Wing, 419th Fighter Wing, 75th Air Base Wing and Ogden Air Logistics Center will participate in an Operational Readiness Exercise. It will test the base's ability to deploy quickly and operate in a chemical combat environment.

"Chemical warfare is always a potential threat," said Col. Linda Medler, 75th Air Base Wing commander. "We can never overprepare for such situations — the threat is out there."

During OREs, the base's leadership strives to come up with various scenarios to make the training as realistic as possible. Airmen are evaluated on their ability to survive and operate while carrying out their wartime mission.

Residents in the surrounding area may notice smoke, loud explosions or other unusual activities associated with the exercise. In addition, night-flying operations also may increase during the exercise.