Birth & Family Place -

BAVER, Sarah and Javed, Salt Lake City, boy, June 15

NEWTON, Honey and Samuel, Salt Lake City, girl, June 14

Ogden Regional Medical Center -

BANKS, Alayna and Wallace Francis, Ogden, girl, June 11

BAXTER, Jenni and Rex, Ogden, girl, June 4

BEAZER, Brein and Douglas, Brigham City, girl, June 3

BECK, Teresa and Tyler, Clinton, girl, June 9

BERRY, Christie and Jason, N. Ogden, boy, June 1

BURTON, Alison and Cody, West Haven, boy, June 5

BUSH, Kayli and PRESCOTT, Charles, Ogden, boy, June 8

BYRAM, Deanne and Danny, Clinton, boy, May 30

DOOLHOFF, Kristen and Adam, Ogden, girl, June 6

ECKLER, Kathy and MADRIGAN, Jose, Roy, boy, June 3

EDDY, Jamie and Dustin, Clinton, girl, June 5

ELLIS, Corina and MARTINEZ, Robbie, Ogden, girl, June 5

EYRE, Shantell and Luke, Roy, boy, May 30

GEIGER, Jessica and Kurt, Ogden, girl, June 3

HALES, Jill and Kyle, Roy, girl, June 3

HARRIS, La'Trice and Dez'Mon, Ogden, boy, June 5

HATHCOCK, Danielle and BOWMAN, Harold, Layton, girl, June 3

HITTLE, Shelly and Alan, Clinton, boy, June 8

HOWES, Ashley and Dustin, Syracuse, boy, May 25

HUNTER, Laura and Matthew, Layton, girl, June 6

HUTCHINS, Heather and Brandon, Roy, boy, May 29

MARTINEZ, Patricia Garcia and Luis, Harrisville, girl, June 3

MIJANGOS, Tiffany Williams and Tomas, Ogden, boy, June 6

PARRY, Shaylene and David, Roy, girl, June 2

PRICE, Tonilyn, Ogden, boy, June 4

ROSBUROUGH, Elizabeth and Jon, Hill Air Force Base, girl, June 6

SALLEE, Rebecca Fuentes and Cleery, Sunset, girl, June 6

SANDOVAL, Ashley and Justin, Pleasant View, boy, June 8

SMALL, Nicole and Norman, Ogden, boy, June 1

STEPHENS, Trisha and Val, South Ogden, girl, June 4

STONE, Kristina and Michael, Roy, girl, June 5

STORY, April and Cedric, Layton, girl, June 10

TRUJILLO, Jessica and SIMMONS, Trevor, Roy, boy, June 1

URANGA, Susan Thao and Juan, Layton, boy, June 8

WEST, Sally and Brian, Ogden, girl, June 7

WHEELER, Laura and Ryan, Layton, boy, June 6

ZWEMKE, Shelly and Matt, Ogden, girl, June 8