I'll admit it. I gagged a little when I first saw the "Mormon Times" section of the paper. In an area inundated with LDS Church influence, it seemed a bit redundant to publish a feature section about it, too. However, the columns by Orson Scott Card have always been a pleasant breath of fresh air, giving a non-Utahn perspective of the LDS lifestyle.

In response to Bruce T. Forbes (Readers' Forum, June 20), the Deseret News publishes Mr. Card because he is a great writer. He provides an original perspective and interesting insights into current issues with a hint of sarcasm, but with the overall intent to teach. His "tantrums" are not tantrums at all but earnest frustration with hypocrisy. It is nice to read an article by a religious columnist who lives his religion rather than treating it like an exclusive club.

Kristin Nielson

South Jordan