HEBER CITY — The Wasatch County Council was forced Wednesday to grant incorporation for the town of Hideout.

The town will be one of two in the county created under a controversial 2007 law that allowed single property owners to force incorporation on their neighbors. That law remains in effect for petitioners who filed before the Utah Legislature changed the rules in 2008.

The council denied Hideout township in February after it allowed a large apartment complex to opt out of the town. The apartments were rural, they said.

Subsequently, Hideout petitioner Rich Sprung sued, claiming the apartments could only be construed as urban. A 4th District judge ruled in Sprung's favor, said Wasatch County Attorney Thomas Low.

The next step for Hideout is appointment of a mayor and town council. The Wasatch Council, which has the final say in that decision, has expressed desire for balanced leadership.

Letters asking interested residents to apply for the positions have been sent to each household in Hideout.