As a zone leader in the Illinois Chicago Mission in 1978, Elder Keith Lloyd from Kaysville, Utah, was interviewing baptismal candidates. He asked the husband and wife how they first heard about the church.

While traveling in Utah, they replied, they had stopped at a little campground near Salt Lake City where the owners, Grant and Mary Lou Lloyd, had talked to them about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Elder Lloyd was amazed that they were talking about his parents and their Cherry Hill Campground in Kaysville.

That gospel contact in the campground was not happenstance. Grant Lloyd, a stake seventy when he opened the campground in 1967, and his wife were purposely missionary-minded in their business. They made it a point, with the help of stake seventies, to take advantage of the opportunity to expose campers to the gospel. It began in 1968 with the showing of church movies such as "Man's Search for Happiness."

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