Dear Heloise: Great idea to have a mammogram on your birthday each year. However, I tried to do that years ago, and now I'm having mine two months after my birthday. My insurance carrier allows one mammogram each 365 days. So, now I call for my appointment on my birthday. By using my birthday as my reminder, I am able to keep within the parameters of my health-insurance carrier.

—Linda Surg, Summerfield, Fla.

And here is a comment from B.J. Reimer in Fowler, Kan. She says: "Just read about the lady who gives herself a birthday 'gift' of a mammogram every year. I would suggest carrying this one step further. Make an appointment with your health-care provider for a clinical exam as well. Also, remember to do self-exams. Let's be proactive against breast cancer."

You're right, and your OB/GYN or health professional should do a breast exam when you go for your yearly checkup, depending on your age and health situation.


Dear Readers: Here are a few handy ways to remember to send cards to friends and family for special occasions:

• Buy packages of blank cards to have them on hand and personalize them.

• Write all special days on a calendar so that you can see them at a glance.

• Once a month, buy all the cards for that month so you don't forget.

• Keep notecards or postcards (and stamps) in your purse so that when you are waiting for a doctor's appointment, you can write a couple of quick notes.


Dear Heloise: Don't destroy ATM or debit receipts until they have posted/cleared your bank! Every once in a while, a merchant will run a transaction through twice. Believe me, it can be really hard to get your bank account credited if you don't have your receipt. Circle the date and dollar amount on each receipt. Post in your register, and you will have it if you need to go back and find a receipt.

—Amy in Amarillo, Texas

Dear Heloise: It seems that whenever we go to a restaurant, our tea is served with a lemon slice that has been sliced lengthwise. If only they would slice the lemon horizontally across the middle, the slice would be easier to squeeze and less likely to squirt in your eye. I can't believe all restaurants don't know this.

—T.H. from San Antonio

We tested this in Heloise Central, and it seemed that the wedge was easier and less messy to squeeze. Just place your hand over it to prevent lemon juice in the eye!


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