Last week my husband and I bought season passes to Lagoon so that we might entertain our 3-year-old boy this summer. On the morning we bought the passes, our kid wanted to ride the train over and over and over again. We must have gone more than 10 times and got to see the animals on the "zoo" portion again and again.

We noticed that the tigers were extremely agitated by the train every time we came around and usually would even roar at us. The next animal was even more pitiful. We never saw much of the grizzly bear but his backside, but that beautiful old bear seemed not only anxiety-ridden but demented. We were extremely saddened for all of the magnificent predators we saw.

Can't Lagoon do something to end this every-10-minutes-every-day torment? Why are we supporting such treatment? How about some peacocks or farm animals instead?

Jaimie Harrington