The Deseret News has reason to be justifiably proud of its successful effort to inform the community of America's warriors, young and old. It is a good thing when someone with the power to inform recognizes the collective efforts of their neighbors working in unison. The Veterans Affairs Medical Center is a small community within our community at large that relies on thousands of hours of voluntarism. The well-measured and well-directed young man sent by your newspaper to cover our event did an excellent job. The video on the Web site and the article in the newspaper were both superb.

I wish to name the seven members of the Knights of Columbus who also participated: Ray Folks, John Castelli, Art Beccera, Ray Bachiller, Todd Holtzhauser, Jeff Itami and myself.

Your newspaper was a godsend to each of the hospitalized veterans that you filmed.

Flamminio L Di Sera

Salt Lake City