I read Lois Collins' column (June 19), and it reminded me that I have been planning to write some thank-yous.

Thanks to Lois for sharing her desire to improve the world we live in. I still remember the column she wrote about trying to avoid buying goods made in China. I bet it would be even more difficult now. She has inspired me to try a little harder in many areas.

Thanks to Ann Cannon for the laughs she gives me on Mondays. I have four sons, and so much of what she writes is not only funny but a reminder that I am not alone.

Thanks to Bob Bernick Jr. for taking on the Legislature and telling the truth. I feel helpless to change things sometimes, but I know that he is giving me the straight scoop.

And thank you to Lee Benson and Doug Robinson. Their columns are insightful and fun to read. I still have Doug's column about the hygiene kit and use it whenever I need to enlighten someone on the world outside of Utah.

Anyhow, I know you had to let some people go, but I will keep my subscription going, even though the paper lands under my car every day.

Chris Colson