The parking requirements for a soccer stadium in Sandy were changed at the last minute Thursday when the Utah Transit Authority changed its estimate of fans likely to use Trax.

Only 10 percent of the 20,000 fans are likely to use transit, the Sandy Planning Commission was told Thursday, adding to more cars in the parking lot and the need for 300 additional stalls.

UTA also voiced concerns Thursday that Real's formula of four fans per car was not realistic, attendees of a joint Thursday meeting said. A formula of 2.5 fans per vehicle would be more realistic, UTA said, and at that ratio, more than 9,000 stalls would be necessary.

The overall parking plan was unanimously approved Thursday by the Planning Commission. It will be reviewed each year.

Ryan Hales, who has advised Real on parking, said the Real plan for more than 6,000 stalls will be sufficient. The extra stalls also can make up for 104 fewer-than-expected stalls available at Sandy City Hall, the commission said.

The sports franchise has counted spots in the lots it plans to use intermittently over the last year and found them to be available, Hales said.

Jim Derrick, property manager of Jordan Commons, told the council Thursday he feared stadium parking would damage his business. The restaurant-and-movie-theater complex is very near the stadium.

It would be a bad move to install electronic arms or use a voucher system for the Jordan Commons parking, Derrick said. Parking there is not currently monitored.

"We just hope that those attending the stadium will be honest enough to read signs and follow them," he said.

Stadium project manager Mike Steele said Real had tried to work with Jordan Commons but had been turned down.

Planning Commissioner Darren Mansell said it seemed Real was asking Jordan Commons to take on the sport's franchise responsibilities. Commissioner Joseph Baker also said Jordan Commons needed more protection for its parking spaces but said he was otherwise pleased with the plan.

Two other residents also spoke, voicing fears that fans would park in their neighborhoods despite signs.

The plans will almost certainly change as developments such as hotels are built on the site, Sandy Community Development Director Mike Coulam said.

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