Pamela Magleby
Pamela Magleby of South Jordan is our Letter Writer of the Month. She and her husband, Dale, have six children and 17 grandchildren. Her children have commented on the quality of her letters in the past, but this was her first letter to a newspaper. We hope to see more of them in the future. As a side-note, she has also found a way to lose weight and make money by eating chocolate.

In response to Robert Cottrell's comments on health care (Readers' Forum, May 6), my husband and I remain on both sides of the coin. We have health insurance, but the deductible is so high we never receive any benefits even though our monthly premiums are more than $500. In other words, we carry health insurance but can't afford to go to the doctor.

We have a friend in Canada who needs medical treatment, but the wait is long and she keeps getting pushed back another two months when her appointment comes due. So she travels to Mexico for treatment. And, likewise, we now have to do the same. We meet many folks while south of the border from the United States and Canada doing the same.

There are people from Mexico losing their lives trying to escape their country to find a better life, while we and the Canadians are trying to save our lives by escaping to their country.


Pamela Magleby

South Jordan

May 8, 2008