FARMINGTON — A deal has been struck between Davis County prosecutors and a Layton mall novelty gift store raided by police over sexually explicit items.

Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings had a conference call on Thursday with a lawyer for Spencer Gifts LLC to finalize the agreement. It will include ways to prevent minors from seeing adult items for sale in the novelty shop at the Layton Hills Mall.

"It won't be able to be viewed openly by minors in the store," Rawlings told the Deseret News.

He declined to reveal what specifically Spencer Gifts was going to do, saying he wanted Layton police and prosecutors to sign off on the agreement first before making a formal announcement next week.

"It's a good win for minors in Davis County, and we're doing it without costly litigation," Rawlings said.

In February, Layton police raided Spencer Gifts and seized more than a dozen boxes of sexually explicit items investigators said potentially violated Utah's laws on dealing materials harmful to a minor. Police described the seized items as games, food and sex toys.

Rawlings acknowledged that none of the items were necessarily illegal, but may have run afoul of state laws by having them available for purchase and on display to minors. The terms of their agreement would have Spencer Gifts in compliance with state laws, he said.

Since the raid, the Davis County Attorney's Office has fielded complaints about other businesses that may be selling items that callers claim are "inappropriate" for minors. Rawlings said the complaints are not of a nature that they could prosecute under the law.

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