Making something easy that normally would be difficult is an excellent way to find entrepreneurial success — and the basis of every product offered by Orem-based Xactware.

The company was founded in 1986 with an estimating system, Xactimate, that helped contractors and insurance adjusters estimate structure repairs faster and more accurately than they ever could before.

Since then, Xactware has introduced software that assists in virtually every phase of a building's life, from remodeling and total replacement to determining building cost for insurance and sending and receiving estimates electronically. Xactware's products turn tasks that once took hours to perform into jobs that can be accurately completed in minutes.

Beneficiaries of Xactware's vision are varied, from homeowners who need to find out the real cost of building a home to insurance professionals who want to ensure that their clients have the right amount of home insurance coverage.

In 2005, Jim Loveland became Xactware's president and chief executive officer. Loveland began the company's international expansion, opening offices in Canada and the United Kingdom.

He also saw the company through 2005's record-breaking storm season, which included Hurricane Katrina. Many insurers and contractors along the Gulf Coast relied on Xactware's products.

In 2006, he led the company through a merger with ISO that helped accelerate Xactware's plans for international expansion.