Mixing the hospitality and service-oriented approach of the restaurant industry with high-quality modular flooring has been a recipe for success for Jorgen Moller, chief executive officer of Salt Lake City-based SnapLock Industries.

Moller grew up in Florida in a family of restaurateurs, but he followed most closely the business direction of his father-in-law, who founded a company supplying multi-sport backyard recreation courts.

When Moller purchased SnapLock in 1998, the company had one line of portable event and dance floors. Moller pushed the firm in new directions, adding lines of garage flooring and athletic courts and surfacing.

Moller also created attractive, durable diamond-pattern surfacing for the flooring and pioneered other innovations, some of them patent-pending, that have made the company's products popular among both residential and commercial customers.

Moller has brought some of his outside interests into the company, as well. A lover of motor sports, he was elated to link SnapLock with Harley-Davidson to produce Harley-branded garage flooring.

Through all of this growth, Moller has kept SnapLock from seeking outside funding. The business is family-owned and independent, and he likes it that way.

But it's no corner shop. In about a decade, SnapLock has grown from a handful of workers to more than 100 dealers and employees.