When Gary Goodrich started at ProPay, the Orem-based company had a strong product and a shaky future.

ProPay was founded in 1997 with a service that allowed small businesses to accept credit cards using a fax machine. Before ProPay, few small businesses could afford expensive credit-card processing equipment or wanted to go through the long application process.

In 2000, ProPay launched its first online merchant account, targeting online auctions. The company soon moved into providing services for direct-selling companies, with their large networks of distributors and consultants who need easy, secure ways to process payments.

Despite this promising product, in 2000, ProPay had low revenues, little cash and high costs. That's when Goodrich arrived, implementing a step-by-step strategy to put the company on a secure financial footing.

As ProPay's chief executive officer, president and director, Goodrich raised millions from private investors, cut costs and made aggressive moves to raise revenue. He mentored the sales staff and played a key role in landing several vital clients. He negotiated ProPay out of several costly marketing arrangements and successively recruited important members of ProPay's staff and management. In 2002, ProPay became profitable.

In addition to direct-sales clients, ProPay now offers payment services to small medical, accounting, legal and other professional offices. Clients are able to sign up to use ProPay by completing a one-page, Web-based application and, if approved, can begin processing payments immediately.