Twenty-seven new patents were awarded to Utah inventors on May 20:

Adjustable mobility assistance device. F. Troy Miller, Logan. Assigned to Standers Inc., Logan. Filed Oct. 18, 2005. Patent No. 7,373,679.

Bitless bridle. L. Dale Watkins, Taylorsville. Filed Sept. 27, 2005, a continuation-in-part of Application No. 11/142,813, filed May 31, 2005, now abandoned. Patent No. 7,373,766.

Table with foldable legs. Stephen F. Nye, Syracuse; Lynn C. Strong, Clearfield. Assigned to Lifetime Products Inc., Clearfield. Filed Aug. 15, 2005, claiming priority to multiple prior patent applications. Patent No. 7,373,889.

Pyrotechnic relief valve. Bradley W. Smith, Ogden; Matthew A. Cox, Centerville. Assigned to Autoliv ASP Inc., Ogden. Filed Dec. 27, 2004. Patent No. 7,373,944.

Hood elevation system. Mark O. Neal, Jenne-Tai Wang, both of Rochester, Mich.; Mark A. Kramarczyk, Sterling Heights, Mich.; Dorel M. Sala, Tory, Mich.; Heath Knight-Newbury, Salt Lake City. Assigned to GM Global Technology Operations Inc., Detroit, Mich. Filed May 8, 2007. Patent No. 7,374,008.

All weather clipboard cover. Victor Wittke, Salt Lake City. Filed May 20, 2005. Patent No. 7,374,143. Filed May 20, 2005. Patent No. 7,374,143.

Inflator second-stage combustion control. Isaac Hoffman, Kaysville; Kirk Rassmussen, West Point; Bradley Smith, Plain City. Assigned to Autoliv ASP Inc., Ogden. Filed Nov. 28, 2005. Patent No. 7,374,204.

Portable covered seating apparatus. Eric B. Lingwall, Magna. Filed May 18, 2005. Patent No. 7,374,238.

Arrow system. Teddy D. Palomaki, Park City; Jacob C. Smith, Salt Lake City. Assigned to Jas. D. Easton Inc., Van Nuys, Calif. Filed Oct. 2, 2006, a divisional of Patent No. 7,115,055, filed Oct. 3, 2003. Patent No. 7,374,504.

Method and apparatus for predicting material hypertension during pregnancy using coherence analysis of material and fetal blood velocity waveforms. Kumari L. Fernando, V. John Mathews, Edward B. Clark, Michael W. Varner, all of Salt Lake City. Assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation, Salt Lake City. Filed Sept. 2, 2004, claiming priority to U.S. provisional Patent Application No. 60/499,699, filed Sept. 2, 2003. Patent No. 7,374,539.

Dynamically distributing power of a light beam for use in light therapy. Gary L. Whatcott, Holladay; Forrest L. Williams, Sandy. Assigned to Dynatronics Corp., Salt Lake City. Filed Sept. 2, 2004. Patent No. 7,374,569.

Polyaxial orthopedic fastening apparatus with independent locking modes. Michael Ries, Tiburon, Calif.; T. Wade Fallin, Hyde Park; Daniel F. Justin, Logan; Mark A. Munt, Moab. Assigned to MedicineLodge Inc., Logan. Filed Feb. 9, 2006, a divisional of Application No. 10/763,314, filed Jan. 22, 2004. Patent No. 7,374,576.

Method of making carbon/ceramic matrix composites. Dieter Bauer, Salt Lake City. Filed Jan. 11, 2005. Patent No. 7,374,709.

Pharmaceutical formulations and systems for improved absorption and multistage release of active agents. Steven L. Krill, Park City; Feng-Jing Chen, Srinivasan Venkateshwaran, Mahesh V. Patel, all of Salt Lake City. Assigned to Lipocine Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Feb. 11, 2002, claiming priority to multiple prior patent applications. Patent No. 7,374,779.

Diabetes gene. Maura McGrail, Deanna L. Russell, Donna M. Shattuck, all of Salt Lake City. Assigned to Myriad Genetics Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed May 13, 2004, claiming priority to multiple prior patent applications. Patent No. 7,374,884.

Virtual ion trap. Edgar D. Lee, Highland; Alan L. Rockwood, Provo; Randall Waite, Springville; Stephen A. Lammert, Glenburn, Maine; Milton L. Lee, Pleasant Grove. Assigned to Brigham Young University, Provo. Filed May 24, 2007, claiming priority to multiple prior patent applications. Patent No. 7,375,320.

Method and apparatus for correcting a visible light beam using a wire-grid polarizer. Jim Thorne, Eric Gardner, both of Provo; Douglas P. Hansen, Spanish Fork; Raymond Perkins, Orem. Assigned to Moxtek Inc., Orem. Filed Nov. 24, 2004, claiming priority to multiple prior patent applications. Patent No. 7,375,887.

Non-volatile magnetic memory device. James Stephenson, Salt Lake City; Bruce Shipley, Lee's Summit, Mo.; Dan Carothers, Merrimack, N.H. Assigned to Micromem Technologies Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Filed Jun. 8, 2006, claiming priority to multiple prior patent applications. Patent No. 7,376,007.

Privileged network routing. Stephen R. Carter, Spanish Fork; Lloyd Leon Burch, Payson; Hashem Mohammad Ebrahimi, Salt Lake City; Carolyn B. McClain, Springville. Assigned to Novell Inc., Provo. Filed Aug. 2, 2004. Patent No. 7,376,134.

Exploitation of null packets in packetized digital television systems. Leon J. Stanger, Farmington; Hanno Basse, Santa Monica, Calif.; James A. Michener, Grass Valley, Calif.; Robert H. Plummer; Seattle; Richard K. Newman, North Hollywood, Calif. Assigned to The DIRECTV Group Inc., El Segundo, Calif. Filed Jan. 3, 2002. Patent No. 7,376,159.

Systems and methods for auditing the actions performed by a remote-control operator during a remote-control session. David A. Eatough, Herriman. LANDesk Software Limited, Dublin, Ireland. Filed May 19, 2005. Patent No. 7,376,538.

Coalescing information from multiple sources based on priority rules. Dale T. Taylor, Lindon; Dave L. Matheny, South Jordan. Assigned to Intel Corp., Santa Clara, Calif. Filed June. 26, 2001. Patent No. 7,376,694.

Systems and methods relating to the establishment of EDI trading partner relationships. Pedro Zubeldia, Kaysville; Travis Stockwell, Riverton; Jeff Compas, Lehi. Assigned to Claredi Corp., Kaysville. Filed Jan. 31, 2002. Patent No. 7,376,708.

Method of managing memory for class variables. Harlan Sexton, Palo Alto, Calif.; David Unietis, San Francisco; Peter Benson, Boulder. Assigned to Oracle International Corp., Redwood Shores, Calif. Filed May 8, 2003, claiming priority to U.S. provisional Patent Application No. 60/378,391, filed May 8, 2002. Patent No. 7,376,942.

Bottle with multiple openings. Shane Gowans, Layton; Matthew S. Dufala, Layton. Filed May 25, 2007. Design Patent No. D569271.

Paper trimmer blade handle. Gerry Ayala, Provo. Assigned to Provo Craft and Novelty Inc., Spanish Fork. Filed Jun. 29, 2006. Design Patent No. D569,416.

Luer hub connector. Daniel B. Blanchard, Bountiful. Assigned to C.R. Bard Inc., Murray Hill, N.. Filed Apr. 9, 2007. Design Patent No. D569,507.

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