Your editorial about the "Looming Medicare crisis" (In Our Opinion, May 30) points out what we all know: Medicare along with every other federal entitlement program needs more money. You also point out that no one has a solution, with the exception that John McCain wants to extract more money from "wealthier seniors."

You write, "That makes sense." What? That's something I would expect to see in the New York Times or the San Francisco Chronicle.

Does it make sense that because you make more money than I do that you should pay more for a can of peas? If I have more money in the bank than my neighbor, should I pay more for an oil change? Does a corporate executive have more deducted from his pay for family medical coverage than the janitor does for the same coverage? No, and neither should one person pay more for Medicare than another.

We have devised ways to help people who need help, and that's OK, but let's not complicate life by charging people differently.

David Erickson

Elk Ridge