PROVO — Rather than turn to pit bull-specific restrictions, the City Council is contemplating stricter regulations on vicious dogs — regardless of breed — and their owners.

Months ago, complaints of pit bulls running rampant in a neighborhood prompted the Provo City Council to research remedies to the situation. Since that time, City Councilwoman Midge Johnson said she's concluded they're dealing with a vicious dog problem, not a breed-specific problem. So the council is drafting an ordinance that turns up the heat on ill-tempered dogs and their owners.

The proposed ordinance would establish a two-step ranking system for "dangerous dogs" and "at-risk dogs." A canine would merit the dangerous-dog classification if it has attacked a person, menaced or killed any domestic animal or if it was used in the commission of a crime, such as dog fighting or guarding illegal property.

Over the past two years, Provo police have received 93 reports of animal bites, according to a police report. Only nine incidents involved dogs described as pit bulls, although many more people report problems with pit bulls when they are actually other breeds.