NORTH OGDEN (AP) — A scheduled debate in Utah's House District 7 was more of a speech.

Challenger Ryan Wilcox was the only candidate there.

State Rep. Glenn Donnelson, R-North Ogden, refused to attend. Donnelson said beforehand that he believes the Weber County Republican Party chairman supports Wilcox and wouldn't be able to moderate the event objectively.

"I feel I'm being set up," Donnelson said Friday a few hours before the debate was to take place. "I'm not going to be blinded by questions."

Chairman Matt Bell denied opposing Donnelson's campaign and went on with the debate, asking Wilcox questions submitted by the audience as a chair designated for Donnelson sat empty.

Donnelson's no-show did not sit well with some of the people who attended.

"It was very foolish for him not to come here tonight," said Karen Roylance of North Ogden. "He missed an opportunity and will miss my vote because of it."