HOUSTON (AP) — A lawyer for Texas state troopers says a security system intended to detect intruders at the governor's mansion wasn't working the night that an arsonist set fire to the building.

The security system was supposed to sound an alarm to troopers stationed in a carriage house behind the mansion if someone got over the property walls.

Don Dickson, an Austin lawyer who represents the Texas State Troopers Association, told the Houston Chronicle that one of his clients had notified Department of Public Safety superiors that the system wasn't working.

DPS spokeswoman Tela Mange declined to comment, saying that the fire is still under investigation.

The DPS cut back its security at the 152-year-old mansion last year after Gov. Rick Perry and his wife moved out at the start of a $10 million renovation job. Only one trooper was on duty when the fire broke out on June 8, causing extensive damage.