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Lone Peak High School
A little girl runs to her daddy's outstretched arms in a drawing by Lone Peak High student Hailey Howden.

HIGHLAND — Teenagers look at dads differently than do toddlers.

They are less idealistic, more realistic and sometimes not so taken with what they see.

The teenagers in Michelle Shepherd's class at Lone Peak High School mostly said good things about the fathers in their lives, but a couple expressed disappointment.

One teenage girl said, "My daddy is my father. he lives with my mommy. he is also in the same house of all of his children. I am one of them, but that is the full extent of our relationship." The picture she drew showed a little girl behind a couch, a tear trickling down her cheek, while her father sat on the sofa reading the newspaper.

Another said: "I've never really been close to my father.

He's never been there for me, but there is someone who has ... my grandpa. Ever since I was born my mom had to go to work because she couldn't support us, my grandpa would care for me and watch over me. He's always been there for me. A helping hand, a shoulder to cry on. He's been more father to me than my dad ever would be. I'm more grateful that I have him and I always appreciate him. I love my grandpa."

Others said they treasure time with their fathers:

"I love watching movies with my dad and just spending time with him," said Sarah Martin. "I love it when we can just have time to talk."

"Me and my dad love to golf we love to go together," said Jake Starley. "We enjoy spending time and having fun together and the golf course is a place we can do that."

Audrey Ogden wrote that she likes the way her father treats her — like an adult.

"I absolutely adore my dad. He and I are a lot alike, and that's really cool to me. He laughs at my jokes when no one else does. He treats me like an adult ... And he also takes me fishing, which I think is the nicest thing he could do."

Some girls wrote that they were Daddy's little girl. Among them was Kylee Gordon, "My dad stayed home with me the first few years of my life. I was daddy's little princess. We shared a love of sports and screaming wildly for our favorite team. No matter how my interests change, we will always have that bond and special moments."

Mckenzi Ottley said her dad was also a "Mr. Mom" when she was little because her mother was ill.

"Ever since I was little he has always been there for me and my family. He has also somewhat taken over the role of 'Mr. Mom' in my house since my mom was diagnosed with Lyme Disease when I was 3 years old," said Mckenzi.

"Because he is often tired after work and doing household chores he takes naps when he can," she wrote, which is what she illustrated in her picture.

"My Father has taught me many important things, like how to have a sense of humor, how to burp, and how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with saltine crackers," said Kate Gourley. "He has gone from giving me advice on math homework to advice on boys. In fact we all call him the love doctor at sleepovers. All us girls gather around for free advice from Dr. Love."

Michael Scott compared his dad to an Oxford professor because of the plaid suit he wears.

"He's kind of eccentric, but it's in the most endearing way. He sings songs such as 'I like the night life ... I like to party.' He always assumes that everything we have in common, such as the same taste in music is because I have his genes. My dad is just an enjoyable man."

Kristen Williamson said her father is skilled in farming and can repair about anything.

"He's taught me a lot of thing about farming and how to fix stuff," she said. "He also taught me how to how to use tools and build stuff. ... And just the other day he showed me how to find a stud in the wall so I could put up some shelves in my room. My dad is like the coolest dad ever and is very knowledgeable about a lot of things and he is one of my role models, and one of my best friends."

Doing things with her dad is important to Stephanie Smith.

"He is always there for me, and he supports me in all I do. My dad and I love to spend time together. He takes me rock climbing, boating, to play tennis or some other activity. He and I do a lot together," she said.

Finally, Hailey Howden wrote that her dad inspired and motivated her.

"He has always pushed me to perform to my best ability," she wrote. "I am very glad that he's my dad."

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