Your lead letter on "Sugar House losing its identity" (Patty Wells, Readers' Forum, June 4) is certainly as biased on this subject as your newspaper seems to be. For me, Sugar House lost its identity years ago.

I grew up in the Sugar House area and remember the movies for 14 cents every Saturday morning, the shops along 2100 South, JC Penney, Woolworths, Walgreens on the corner. The "unique buildings that made our community so attractive" which she refers to, were to me an absolute blight to the area. I would like to see Sugar House regain its identity as a friendly, beautiful place to shop and not an area of coffee shops, tattoo parlors, drug paraphernalia and indecent clothing stores.

Regaining the park that used to surround the Sugar House monument would be a great start, as would refurbishment and restoration of the old fire station on 2100 South and revitalization of the shops along the north side of 2100 South above 1100 East. Sterling furniture has also been the same for many years and certainly is not in a good state of repair.

Give Craig Mecham a break, as he has taken a bold start on bringing residences to the area with beauty and nice places to live.

Stephen J. Kelsey