Recently, I was lamenting some observations where people seemed not to care about respectful, appropriate dress, so I was happily surprised to read "That necktie may make you a better worker" by editorial page editor Jay Evensen (Viewpoint, June 8).

No, I would not want the roofer or the plumber showing up in a coat and tie. However, when a person appears before me respectfully attired, the message I get is that I am important enough for someone to present their best self. May I add that even putting on a nice, clean T-shirt for an unexpected visitor who is on his or her way to your home can convey thoughtful respect, and receiving an awesome invitation to the White House deserves far better than an appearance in declasse flip-flops.

As values, good character and ethical behavior erode in our society, neckties and respectful, appropriate dress do indeed still matter. Thank you, Jay Evensen, for another wake-up call.

Laura L. Cormack