Seventy-two bucks to fill my car's 18 gallon tank at $4 a gallon!

Hello, Congress, can you hear the whimpering of millions of voters? We are not deaf, yet we do not hear you doing anything to relieve our worrying about whether to fill the tank or buy adequate food for the table. We are not blind. All we see on TV are demands by a greedy Congress that we are not taxed enough to fill the troughs you feed at. We used to think that you were heroes; now all we see are pinheads crowing about what marvelous bills you have enacted that punish us for being hopeful when we voted for you.

You, Congress, need to stop beating your chests and protect the United States by enacting laws that allow drilling for oil, rendering oil sands and oil shale that are on our beloved land and coastlines. Oh yes, it would be helpful if you were to authorize building a half dozen refineries, also.

Leo J. Lee