Let's say USA Basketball general manager Jerry Colangelo and USA Basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski have asked you to help select the 2008 U.S. Olympic men's basketball team that will participate in the Beijing Games.

Here's a breakdown of the 33 NBA players who over the past several years have earned an invite to the U.S. Select men's roster, which will be whittled down to a 12-player U.S. Olympic squad going into a two-day training mini-camp later this month.

Understand the roster is in flux — Houston's Shane Battier has already withdrawn from consideration for the Olympic team, Phoenix's Amare Stoudamire expressed some doubt about wanting to participate after a demanding 2007-08 season, and some players like Miami's Dwyane Wade are trying to rebound from late-season injuries.

So, pick your 12-man Olympic team — and three alternates, if you want. Then, see how your squad stacks up against the official Olympic team, which will be announced shortly.


Chauncey Billups, 6-3, Pistons

Jason Kidd, 6-4, Mavericks

Chris Paul, 6-0, Hornets

Luke Ridnour, 6-1, SuperSonics

Deron Williams, 6-3, Jazz


Gilbert Arenas, 6-5, Wizards

Kobe Bryant, 6-6, Lakers

Kevin Durant, 6-9, SuperSonics

Kirk Hinrich, 6-3 Bulls

Joe Johnson, 6-7, Hawks

Mike Miller, 6-8, Grizzlies

Michael Redd, 6-6, Bucks

J.J Redick, 6-4, Magic

Dwyane Wade, 6-4, Magic


Carmelo Anthony, 6-8, Nuggets

Shane Battier, 6-8, Rockets

Bruce Bowen, 6-7, Spurs

LeBron James, 6-8, Cavaliers

Antawn Jamison, 6-9, Wizards

Shawn Marion, 6-7, Heat

Adam Morrison, 6-8, Bobcats

Paul Pierce, 6-6, Celtics

Tayshaun Prince, 6-9, Pistons


Carlos Boozer, 6-9, Jazz

Elton Brand, 6-8, Clippers

Nick Collison, 6-10, SuperSonics

Lamar Odom, 6-10, Lakers.


Tyson Chandler 7-1, Hornets

Dwight Howard, 6-11, Magic

Brad Miller, 7-0, Kings

Greg Oden, 6-10, Trail Blazers

Amare Stoudemire, 6-10, Suns

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