No one likes the high prices of gasoline, except the people who are profiting from the high prices. But I hope the high prices help our country make some important decisions about the way we use and produce power.

Up to this point, I think everyone basically felt the supply of oil was inexhaustible, that we could simply solve the oil crisis by drilling more wells. But the reality is that if the world continues using oil as it does now, there will come a point when there will be no more oil.

I hope that, along with conservation, the world will now devote scientific and monetary support to the study and development of alternative power sources such as geothermal, wind and solar energy. Many of us believe that the time will come when the Almighty will call an end to this earth experiment, but we don't know when that will come, and I don't want my descendants to have to live in a world where too much natural beauty and too many historical artifacts have been destroyed by drilling or poisoned with byproducts of power production.

Fred Ash