More than a year ago my wife and I went "cold turkey." We did away with both our cars (rather, they did away with themselves). The engine went in one of them, and the transmission went in the other. Since then we have had two forms of transportation most folks have never seriously considered. We use public buses and bicycles.

Bus rates are going up slightly due to the same increases in fuel prices you may be dealing with. But consider this: I currently have a pass for unlimited use this month. The cost? $28.25 for my senior monthlong pass. The way I figure it, that gets you about seven gallons of gas. We save enough using the bus and taking an occasional bike ride that when we do want a car, we rent one and pocket the rest of our savings.

There are some other benefits we have from riding the bus. One is called "exercise."

Contrary to common fears, we meet a great cross section of Utahns and foreigners on our bus rides and leave the driving to our professional "chauffeurs."

Demas Jasper