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Kevin Spacey

Question: I happened to pick up a DVD package of "The Best of Jack Benny," and I have a question. Could Kevin Spacey be related to Benny? I cannot believe how much they resemble each other.

Answer: You know, if people were automatically related to people they looked like, I'd be George Clooney's brother!

His funny-looking brother.

There's no relation between Spacey and Benny, who remains one of the 20th century's greatest comic figures, period.

Question: There's a TV movie about a woman who is obsessed with Frank Sinatra. At the end of the movie he shows up. Can you tell me the title and if it's on DVD?

Answer: Your brevity is worthy of the Chairman of the Board himself, bub.

That's a 1995 TV movie called "Young at Heart," with Olympia Dukakis as the woman. Also in the cast are Philip Bosco and Joe Penny, and the man himself appears at the end in what would be his last screen appearance.

"Young at Heart" isn't on video or DVD.

Question: It's been a long time since I have heard anything about Barbara Hale, the actress who played Della Street to Raymond Burr's Perry Mason. Is she still alive?

Answer: Hale is still with us. She turned 86 on April 18.

Question: What is the name of the song in the J.C. Penney commercial where there is a little girl stomping on a birthday cake?

Answer: The song is "Killing the Blues," by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant.

Question: The season-ending episode of "Medium" was such a happy one, with Joe being offered a great job and Allison and the DA returning to their old positions. Now I'm wondering if that episode was its swan song. Sure hope not. Is it?

Answer: Nope. "Medium" will return in January. It's scheduled for Sundays at 9 p.m.

Question: There's a Sears commercial with a song that includes the words "without you here" and features a lawn mower cutting grass. Can you tell me the name of the song?

Answer: The song is "We Missed You," and it's sung by Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver.

Question: I saw a movie about 30 years ago that still sticks in my mind. It was about a returning stressed-out Vietnam veteran who, disillusioned with our society, commandeers Central Park in New York City. Can you tell me the title and if it's on DVD?

Answer: That's the 1986 made-for-cable movie "The Park Is Mine," with Tommy Lee Jones as the park-taker. It's not on DVD.