OWINGS MILLS, Md. (AP) — There was no crying, no second-guessing and absolutely no remorse. Jonathan Ogden wore a broad, toothy smile Thursday as the left tackle announced his retirement after a 12-year career in which he established himself as one of the greatest offensive linemen in NFL history.

Ogden was selected to play in 11 Pro Bowls, and he probably would have made it an even dozen had he opted to return for another season with the Baltimore Ravens. But because he couldn't operate at peak efficiency with a hyperextended left big toe, the decision to call it a career was relatively easy.

"When you play football for as long as I have, it's really difficult to know injuries just won't let you play at the level that you all and myself expect me to play," the 33-year-old Ogden said in a packed auditorium that included at least 15 of his former teammates.

"Could I have still gone out there and played? Yes, probably, and still done an adequate job," Ogden said. "But in my mind, I wouldn't have been helping the team as much as I needed to. And it wouldn't have been good for me."