There are intelligent reasons not to support a Barack Obama presidency. It's unfortunate that some contributors on the Readers' Forum can't get beyond ludicrous and frankly outdated fears of creeping socialism from America's "most liberal senator." A quick glance over the list of prominent American bourgeois economists (including former Fed Chairman Paul Volker) who publicly endorse Obama ought to make one deeply suspicious of such claims.

For one thing, there is nothing subversive about suggesting that the long-term structural budget deficits that President Bush has left us are not healthy and need to be offset by tax increases and defense budget cuts (largely the source of the budget deficits). Higher gas taxes, which Obama supports indirectly, aren't based on any insidious environmentalist plan but on a wide consensus of liberal and conservative economists, including Bush's former Council of Economic Advisers head.

Intelligent people can disagree with Obama's specific approach, but regurgitating talk-radio talking points on the editorial page does not make a meaningful contribution to the public discourse.

Brett Ellingson