If you are happy with our federal government, by all means vote incumbents back into office. Don't whine and complain about the government if you are unwilling first of all to vote, and second to vote out incumbents, until we begin to get a government that is responsive to the people.

Don't complain about other states' senators and congressmen if we in Utah are unwilling to clean our own backyard, no matter the party. The June 24 primary in the 3rd Congressional District will be the only opportunity to make a change. The November election will be meaningless because the Republican, no matter which one, will win by at least 30 points.

Now is the time to remove an ineffective or worse congressman. While the Republicans are out of the majority, their seniority is meaningless. Electing the same congressman over and over but expecting a different result is political insanity.

Gaylan Stewart

Spanish Fork