South Jordan is considering an ordinance to ban the use of airsoft, BB, dart and paintball guns, peashooters, slingshots and bows and arrows. The police say they have received 15 complaints in the past 18 months involving the toys. As heavy a strain as responding to all those calls (almost one a month!) must place on our police department, I suggest that there are better ways to alleviate the supposed problem.

We already have laws against vandalism and threatening others. If our police have difficulty distinguishing between paintball guns and real ones, perhaps more rigorous training is in order. Maybe some public education and community outreach would help ensure that everyone stays safe.

It's not necessary to jump right to the most intrusive and restrictive remedy first and punish all of us for the actions of a few bad apples. If you dislike nanny-state government measures such as this, please let the City Council know before or during its next meeting on June 17.

Brent Tenney

South Jordan