I went to a seminar a few days ago about "green" policies in our cities. I have never heard so much fascism, socialism and communism spoken in an hour and a half in my life. One woman at the end said she thought it would be good if people would feel embarrassed to let their car idle while waiting to pick up their kid at school, that others should make that person feel embarrassed for doing that.

They want to give preferential treatment for building permits for "green" buildings. They are advocating social engineering and "re-educating" the public. This should scare every single American.

One guest was almost an hour late. He took public transportation. What does that cost in lost productivity, lost family time, etc.? In Seattle the City Council is considering banning beach bonfires, and Minneapolis says you can't idle your car for more than three minutes.

For what? A hoax! Man-made global warming. Just look at what politicians (they are experts, after all) are proposing to combat this hoax. Every one of them is expensive, dictate to us what we can drive, how much energy we can use, what we can do for recreation, etc. It is about taking down our economy and capitalism. It is about control and growing government. Our freedom is at stake for a hoax.

Garth Woolsey

West Bountiful