Utah and U.S. citizens are being bombarded with environmental (think "green") doctrine. The mass media daily presents pictures, stories and articles about the good environmentalists and the bad humans.

The Deseret News editorial "Stop rainforest destruction" (In Our Opinion, June 5) even blames Americans for aiding the Amazon deforestation. Also, our own Gov. Jon Huntsman, along with seven Western governors and three Canadian premiers, have joined together in the "Western Climate Initiative" which, according to the Deseret News, will "... reward major companies for cutting their global warming pollution by capping greenhouse gas emissions at a given level. Utilities and companies that exceed their allotment will be required to buy credits to cover their surplus from those that emit less than their allotment."

Where does the government have the right to force companies to abide by such a "cap and trade system"? More specifically, where in the Utah Constitution does the governor get the power to obligate the state to any agreement with any state, province or nation?

Don Olson