In the last month, we have seen the passing of two giants in our community, Dr. Keith Hansen and Dr. A. Hamer Reiser III, struck down by death in the primes of their professional lives. These two men, among the best and brightest of their generation, chose medicine as their careers and obstetrics as their life callings. Through their abundant acumen and marvelous skills, tens of thousands of Utah babies were born and families blessed. How will we ever replace these good doctors?

There is much that can and should be done to refine the medical system in America. However, great medical care has been, and will always be, built on the backs of superb physicians and the relationships they have with their patients. Thanks be to two good doctors who bore much and gave greatly for the benefit of others; who worked the odd and inconvenient hours and withstood the pressures associated with bringing in new life and performing difficult surgeries.

And thanks be to families who shared their husbands and fathers with others for as long as they can remember. I pay tribute to all of them and pray that others of the coming generation will rise up to replace the irreplaceable.

Stephen E. Lamb, M.D.


Salt Lake County Medical Society