Your editorial lambasting Hill Air Force Base once again over losing weapons and errors in shipping supplies ("Military accountability," In Our Opinion, June 10) is redundant and unbalanced in content. Your readers all know about these mistakes. You have run multiple articles written by your staff and from all the leading syndicates and news services about the incidents at Hill AFB and other errors made by the Air Force. Did you really have to say it one more time? Would it be asking too much to say something positive about Hill AFB?

Hill has captured a number of Air Force and Air Force Materiel Command awards in recent times. Does your readership know about these? I suggest that you use your news team to put some positive and balanced copy together and let your readers know that they have a first-class Air Force base operating in Utah.

By the way, the weapons were lost by an Air Force unit from Oklahoma that was using Hill as an exercise site. The base commander at Hill has little control over units that are not tenants at Hill.

Col. Corless W. Mitchell,

U.S Army (retired)

director of retiree activities

Hill Air Force Base