Utah locations and references occasionally pop up in movies, TV shows and other media. One of the latest will be this August in Marvel Comics.

"Wolverine," issue No. 68, set 50 years in the future and five decades after the superheroes died, has Wolverine and a now-blind archer, Hawkeye, continuing their journey across a ruined America.

"Next stop: Cedar City, Utah," a Marvel preview for the upcoming comic states: "Home of the man who killed Magneto: the all-new, all different Kingpin! And he isn't about to let Logan and Hawkeye pass without paying the toll."

This comic will sell for $2.99 and is part three of an eight-part story.

This isn't the first Utah reference in the comic books. In 2001, "Dark Knight Strikes Again" showed the Flash visiting southern Utah, where he admired the red-rock scenery.

Superman also visited the Great Salt Lake desert in the late 1960s, where he encountered some other aliens.