Highlights of the Salt Lake City downtown transportation master plan:

Pedestrians and bicyclists

• Enhanced walkability of downtown sidewalks along all city streets.

• A network of walkways throughout downtown that will include an integrated system of mid-block walkways and mid-block street crosswalks.

• Infrastructure for bicyclists that will accommodate all skill levels of cycling, including bike lanes on streets, new markings and signs indicating shared bicycle/automobile lanes.

• Additional bicycle racks and lockers on the street and inside buildings.

Light rail (TRAX)

• Completion of TRAX loop to provide a backbone of rail-transit circulation.

• Further study of streetcar access to downtown from surrounding neighborhoods not served directly by TRAX.


• More frequent updating of traffic-signal timing plans downtown to support traffic progression.

• More efficient access to downtown parking spaces.

• An expanded network of mid-block streets.


• Revised bus routes downtown.

• A new bus-passenger facility to be located at 200 South and State Street.

• More-attractive and comfortable bus stops.

• Branded bus corridors for circulation within downtown.


• Immediate formation of a parking management group to coordinate operating policies of public parking.

• Way-finding enhancements for off-street parking spaces.

• More convenient off-street parking.

• New parking meters with more payment options.

• An enhanced parking validation system.