Alta View Hospital is holding a free community prostate health seminar for men over 50 on Wednesday.

The seminar features Dr. Richard Lebasky, a urologist who will outline treatment options for men with enlarged prostrates, including minimally invasive treatment alternatives to drug therapy.

Enlarged prostates affect about half of men over the age of 50. By the age of 80, more than 80 percent of men are affected. Some symptoms include difficulty urinating or completely emptying the bladder; a weak urine stream; more frequent urination, especially at night; more frequent urges to urinate; or a sudden or strong urge to urinate.

"Many men typically blame these changes in urinary habits on old age," said Labasky. "However, with the correct diagnosis and treatment, there's no need to live with the uncomfortable symptoms of an enlarges prostate."

The seminar is free. To reserve a space, call Alta View Hospital at 801-501-2795.