OGDEN — Weber State University will host the eighth annual Utah Victim Assistance Academy June 23-27.

This year's class will be made up of 65 professionals from various fields, including law enforcement personnel, victim advocates and others who come in contact with victims of crime. The curriculum will include instruction in victimology, victims' rights and services and victim advocacy throughout the criminal and juvenile justice processes.

The academy is held to educate public and private professionals about crime-victim issues. Ron Gordon of the Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice said the academy is intended to "give those who attend the basic skill set needed to help victims of crime."

Completion of the 40-hour curriculum will qualify graduates for national certification.

The academy is offered to all professionals who work with victims. Advanced one- to two-day academies are also offered during the fall for those who have already attended the weeklong academy, or who would like to learn more about a specific victim condition or service.

Those interested should contact Gordon's office.