My wife and I are active LDS members, born and raised in the heart of Mormon country here in Utah, where we have lived almost all of our lives. However, I am very concerned about Joe Cannon's statement that the Deseret News will become "more local and more Mormon," depending on what that statement actually means.

If by "more Mormon" that means you are seeking and reporting the unvarnished, unbiased, plain, honest and complete truth about the world we live in, then I have no problem with the future direction of the Deseret News. On the other hand, if it means you plan to soften, disguise, limit, sanitize or even censor the truth based upon your opinion of what Mormons "need to hear," then I have a really big problem. I also don't need a newspaper that only reports on Mormon happenings.

As most of us are aware, news organizations today are increasingly biased in one direction or another by the various political, racial, religious, ethnic and sexually related currents that run through the world's population. Fox News and The New York Times are two common examples of polarized media. We sorely need a professional organization with strong journalistic integrity that seeks out and reports the unbiased truth, both the good and the bad.

What we most definitely do not need is less of this kind of reporting. That would be "less Mormon," not to mention downright scary.

Richard Memory