With the west and east sides of the Jordan School District not being able to come to an agreement, thousands of needless dollars may be spent on attorneys and negotiators to reach a settlement.

In the meantime many candidates have spent thousands of dollars running for the school board positions and may be spending this and more money on an election that may not be meaningful at all. In closed-door sessions, legislators, mayors and west-side leaders are trying to get a special session of the Legislature called to kill the proposed Jordan District split. The Deseret News has come out in favor of the delay. The district split would not have taken place until 2009 anyhow.

It's the value of properties and renovations vs. the number of students that seems to be the problem at this time. It seems to me that it should be the value of students being taught and the safety of the students in the schools in which they are taught that should be the issues.

Come on, people, let's get together for the benefit of our students, not our egos.

John Cannon Josephson

Cottonwood Heights