Following is the latest fishing report from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources:

Northern Region

BEAR LAKE: Pressure is light. Some cutthroat trout have been caught in water depths ranging from the shoreline shallows to approximately 17 feet.

CAUSEY: Fair success for trout from shore using baits.

EAST CANYON: Fishing fair for smaller rainbows and it should improve over the next couple of months. The DWR recently stocked more than 40,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout in the reservoir — double the normal amount.

LOST CREEK: Population survey found abundant trout populations. While there were many smaller fish, there were five over 20 inches.

OGDEN RIVER: Recently stocked with 7,000 rainbow trout.

PINEVIEW: Spotty fishing. Some crappie over 11 inches.

Central Region

DEER CREEK: Mixed reports of success, but most anglers report at least fair success for rainbow trout and bass. An occasional walleye reported as well. Most shoreline anglers report slow to fair success, while boat and tube anglers report fair to good success.

JORDANELLE: Success is fair using various trolling and jigging techniques from boats and traditional baits from shoreline.

STRAWBERRY: Open water and mixed reports of success. Some anglers report being skunked and others report catching and releasing 20 to 30 fish. Try pointer minnows cast toward weed beds in about 15 feet of water near shoreline, white tube jigs are working as well at various depths. Dead minnows are a good bait choice.

UTAH LAKE: Reports of good success for white bass and channel cats. Slow for walleye.

YUBA: Spotty success for both perch and walleye. Not too many rainbow trout in the reservoir.

BURRASTON POND: Stocked. Success is fair to good. Most anglers are using PowerBait.

SALEM POND: Stocked with trout and catfish. Fair success reported for trout. Best catfish time is early morning or evening.

AMERICAN FORK RIVER: Fair success using worms or small flies.

DIAMOND FORK RIVER: Light fishing pressure and fair success by using flies, worms or lures. Most cutts about 10 to 12 inches.

PROVO RIVER: Hares ear, sow bugs and other small surface flies and bottom-bouncing nymphs are producing fair to good success in pools and feeding zones.

Northeastern Region

BIG SAND WASH: Anglers are reporting fair to good fishing for rainbows. Try top water flies and lures, and use either a bubble or floating baits to clear the submerged vegetation and boulders.

FLAMING GORGE: Good to excellent fishing for 16- to 24-inch lake trout throughout most of the reservoir. Use tube jigs in white, chartreuse, glow or brown tipped with a small chunk of sucker or chub meat. Trollers use downriggers with lures like needlefish, other spoons and Rapalas down near the bottom. Kokanee fishing slow, but it will improve once water temperatures hit the mid-50s. Good fishing for rainbow in most areas of the reservoir. Look for larger rainbows around boat ramps. Fish as large as 24 inches can be caught. Use marshmallows and worms, Wooly Buggers, minnow imitation plugs, spinners and jigs to catch fish from shore. Burbot fishing should continue to be good as long as water temperatures stay cool in shallow areas. If fishing from shore or a boat, try fishing with jigs late in the afternoon, early morning or at night on points coming into the reservoir. Smallmouth fishing is slow, as smallmouth tend not to bite well at temperatures near or below 50 degrees. Use twist-tail grubs on lead head jigs or small plastic worms, sinkos, twitch and crankbaits in about 5-30 feet of water off rocky shorelines and points. Crayfish imitation colors will work the best. Drop shot techniques will also work.

GREEN RIVER: Success picking up, and baetis and midge hatches are occurring as air and water temps warm. Anglers report good fishing in most sections of the river. Nymphing is still probably the best technique, but streamers are also working. Spin fishermen should try small Rapalas — floating, countdown and husky jerk — as well as small spinners, small jubs and black, brown or olive marabou jigs.

PELICAN LAKE: Numerous small bass in the weeds, and bluegill are just starting to move in. As the water warms, fishing will pick up.

RED FLEET: Good fishing for trout. Not much activity for bass and bluegill yet.

STARVATION: Good fishing for trout, including several larger browns.

STEINAKER: Good fishing for rainbows and a few browns have been taken. Anglers are just starting to report catching only a few scattered bass and bluegill. This is because normal spring activity was set back by the cooler weather and high winds.

Southeastern Region

JOE'S VALLEY: Fair to good for 10- to 14-inch trout. The best shore fishing south of the dam on the rocky east side.

LAKE POWELL: Visit for the latest fishing report. Sporadic fishing for stripers. Small and largemouth bass fishing was fair to good for smaller fish. Anglers had success with grubs and crankbaits in the darker colors. Black sparkle was especially good.

MILLSITE STATE PARK: Fishing is fair. The best baits have been green PowerBait or nightcrawlers with a green marshmallow.

SCOFIELD: Good fishing, despite the inclement conditions. Best success using redside shiners. Egg sacs continue to be effective. The Jake's Spin-a-Lure is a good lure for this water.

Southern Region

BAKER: Catchable-sized rainbow trout have been stocked and fishing is fair to good using bait, lures and flies.

BOULDER MTN. LAKES: Access is opening to a few mid-elevation lakes. Access to the Boulder Top will probably not open until mid-June or later.

CHALK CREEK: Wild rainbows are abundant and can be caught with spinners and flies. Best fishing is away from the campground and more heavily fished spots.

ENTERPRISE: Catchable rainbows have been stocked in the lower reservoir. The upper reservoir will not be stocked this year. The reservoir will not be filled past its current level because work on the dam will not be finished until later this summer.

FISH LAKE: Good to excellent for 13- to 17-inch splake by jigging just off the weedline in 15 to 30 feet. Try Kastmasters or any light-colored jig tipped with perch, sucker, or chub meat. Recent sampling found that the average size and condition of splake has improved over the last two years.

FORSYTH: Recent sampling found that tiger trout and splake are abundant and in good condition. Good numbers of 20-inch tigers are present. Fishing is fair to good from shore with lures and streamers.

GUNLOCK: Fishing is slow.

KOLOB: Recent sampling found that rainbows and cutthroat are abundant and healthy. A few large fish over 3 pounds are present. Try flashy lures, streamers or nymphs.

MINERSVILLE: Fishing is slow and pressure has dropped off. Water clarity has improved. Irrigation releases have begun, so the water level has started to drop.

NEWCASTLE: Catchable-sized rainbows have been stocked. Sampling in April found that 3- to 4-pound wipers are abundant and spread out through various depths. Try trolling minnow-imitating lures for wipers.

OTTER CREEK: Fishing has picked up from the boats, both trolling and bait fishing.

PANGUITCH LAKE: Fishing from shore varies from slow to very good, depending on technique and weather. Worm and marshmallow combo is the best bait for rainbows. Cutthroats are being caught on lures. Fly anglers have done well fishing against the shoreline in the wind with olive Wooly Buggers and nymphs drifted below a strike indicator.

SAND HOLLOW: Bass fishing is good to excellent. Small fish are found just about everywhere, while large fish are found closer to brush, rock edges or in deeper water. Dark-colored senkos are a popular bait.