What industry generates more than $90 billion a year, more revenue than Google, Microsoft or Apple? What industry receives $3,075 in online sales from more than 28,000 people every second?

It's pornography, and Dr. Jill Manning's book is here to tell us why it is such a big deal.

In her book, "What's the Big Deal About Pornography?", published by Shadow Mountain, Manning seeks to "arm you with truths the pornography industry does not want you to know." Manning is a practicing marriage and family therapist in Denver.

Manning writes that "pornography is material specifically designed to arouse sexual feelings in people." This comes from more than graphic Web sites and late-night cable television programs. She identifies music videos and other media as pornographic though they are not commonly labeled as such.

Short vignettes appear throughout the book describing the experiences of teenagers who have suffered from the effects of pornography. Some begin to struggle in their relationships; others are expelled from their schools; still others have encounters with sexual predators on the Internet.

The book does not explain what to do if the reader one day encounters pornography but rather what to do when the reader encounters it. She mentions practical ways of avoiding pornography and what to do when it shows up (such as identifying it, covering your eyes, literally leaving the room or turning off the computer, and telling someone you trust about the experience and how you felt).

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