Federal officials say a plan devised by a state parolee to get out of wearing his ankle monitor backfired and has now landed him a four-year federal prison sentence.

Andy Hart was sentenced Monday to serve 48 months in federal prison on the charge of making false material statements to the FBI. Hart had previously pleaded guilty to the charge as part of a plea deal.

According to court documents and federal prosecutors, Hart concocted a story that animal-rights activists were plotting to "napalm" or firebomb a rural Utah mink farm and that he had information about the plot. In exchange for his help, Hart got the FBI to agree to help him get off of state supervision early. Hart was serving parole for convictions on forgery and false information charges.

As part of the plot, authorities say Hart talked two of his friends into driving to the mink farm, saying he was going to go help the FBI. According to court documents, Hart left his friends standing outside the ranch and then called the FBI, identifying his friends as the supposed bomb-plot suspects.

FBI agents soon discovered Hart's story was fabricated.