A man who was accused of leading police on a wild car chase through two counties while shooting at pursuing officers was sentenced to prison Monday.

Randy Ross arry, 27, previously pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated assault and possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, all second-degree felonies, as part of a plea bargain that reduced two first-degree felony charges and increased a third-degree charge.

As part of the bargain, other criminal charges were dismissed.

Third District Judge Robin Reese sentenced Parry to two prison terms of two-to-20 years on the assault charges and one-to-15 years on the gun possession charge. The judge ordered that the prison terms run concurrently.

These charges emerged from a Jan. 5, 2007, incident in which Parry and Crystal L. Huffman, 30, were racing around in a stolen car while being chased by police on Salt Lake streets, freeways and other roads in Salt Lake and Davis counties. At the time, Parry was on parole from South Dakota.

According to Huffman, Parry was suicidal at the thought of going back to prison and even asked her if she'd mind if he killed himself.

Police testified at a preliminary hearing that Huffman, who was in the passenger seat, at times leaned over to steer the car while Parry fired a gun at police.

Huffman pleaded guilty in a separate plea bargain and has already been sentenced to prison.