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Emily Noxon was selected by Rascal Flatts as the winner of their "Milk Rocks!" contest. She will sing with them at a concert in Indianapolis on June 14.

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OREM — It's hard to imagine what an Orem woman, lots of milk and Rascal Flatts have to do with each other.

It may not be clear to most, but for 25-year-old Emily Noxon, the three can nearly be summed up with the words: dream come true.

Last month, multiplatinum country megastar band Rascal Flatts chose Noxon as the grand prize winner out of hundreds of entries in the Milk Rocks! "Be a Milk Rockstar" contest. As the winner, Noxon will have the opportunity to sing with Rascal Flatts onstage in a concert Saturday in Indianapolis.

"We saw so many cool videos of our fans performing their favorite Rascal Flatts song, it was hard to pick just one," Rascal Flatts' Gary LeVox said in a statement. "But when we saw Emily's, we knew we had the winner. She has a great voice, passion and personality and will fit right in."

All alone at work at the American Fork Cancer Center, Noxon said she started dancing around the room with excitement when she received the e-mail telling her Rascal Flatts had picked her. For a couple of weeks, however, she wasn't allowed to tell anyone, so the band could record a video to announce the winning singer themselves.

"I almost cried when I saw it, I was so happy," she said. "All three of them said my name, so that was pretty cool. It was incredible — I'm still reeling from it."

A self-proclaimed Rascal Flatts fan extraordinaire and aspiring singer, Noxon, who grew up in Springville before moving to Orem, was a little reluctant to enter the online contest.

Noxon said her sister insisted on her entering, repeatedly telling her she would win. At first it took some prodding, but she relented in the end.

"She bugged me enough about it that I finally acquiesced and did it," Noxon said.

The process to emerge as the winner was no small feat, Noxon said. Out of the hundreds of entries, only the top 10, as voted on by an online audience, would be viewed by Rascal Flatts. For starters, she had to choose a Rascal Flatts song from five choices to video herself singing. She chose a recent Billboard hit, "What Hurts the Most," as the one for her. Then came the time to actually sing for her desired audience: Rascal Flatts.

"I stood in my dining room and sang my little heart out and my whole family was standing there," she said.

Noxon downloaded the recording and put her family to work voting for her. She said they were glued to the computer for six straight weeks. She said it took a week for her to move into first place in the voting, but she stayed there until the final votes were cast.

"It was a lot, a lot, a lot of hard, tedious work," she said. "But it was so worth it."

In addition to singing with Rascal Flatts at the June concert, the Timpanogos High graduate will be given the full VIP treatment for the event. She'll have her own dressing room in the form of a tour bus, a private meet-and-greet with the band and an opportunity to meet with a representative from Lyric Street Records, Rascal Flatts' record label.

"I've wanted to be a singer my whole life," Noxon said. "I sing when I can and do the competitions that I can, wait for the break to come, and I'm hoping that this is it."

A major motivation for her along the way, Noxon said, has been her family, who will join her in Indianapolis for the concert. She said they were behind her right down to helping her choose her outfit for the video. Not only that, she said, but her family is always on the front row when and wherever she sings, screaming their heads off.

Over the years, Noxon said, her family has been with her every step of the way. While she's never wanted to try out for "American Idol," Noxon has competed in and won such contests as Utah Valley Idol and the SCERA Shell Celebrity vocal contest.

"It's just a really great support to me to know they're behind me and that this isn't just a dream of mine," she said about her family. "They're just as excited about me pursuing this as I am."

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