Eighteen new patents were awarded to Utah inventors on May 13:

Sleeve element having a biasable end region, apparatus including same, and method of use. Daniel K. Zitting, St. George; Lorin K. Zitting, Centennial Park, Ariz. Assigned to Macrotech Polyseal Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Jan. 15, 2004. Patent No. 7,370,866.

Expanding airbag inflator housing. Marcus T. Clark, Kaysville; Steven L Olsen, Patricia A. Welsh, Mark L. King, all of Ogden; Nyle K. Longhurst, Layton. Assigned to Autoliv ASP Inc., Ogden. Filed March 2, 2004. Patent No. 7,370,884.

Endoscopic instrument for engaging a device. Olivier Colliou, Kevin Nason, both of Menlo Park, Calif.; Harm TenHoff, Mountain View, Calif.; Mir A. Imran, Los Altos Hills, Calif.; Ted Layman, Park City. Assigned to Intrapace Inc., Mountain View, Calif. Filed July 9, 2004, claiming priority to multiple prior patent applications. Patent No. 7,371,215.

Dual electrode advanced electrochemical delivery system. Felix Theeuwes, Jeremy Corwin Wright, both of Los Altos, Calif.; Stahinja K. Zecevic, Salt Lake City. Filed Jan. 28, 2003. Patent No. 7,371,229.

Steerable sphincterotome and methods for cannulation, papillotomy and sphincterotomy. John E. Hutchins, North Attleboro, Mass.; Mark L. Adams, Sandy. Assigned to Scimed Life Systems Inc., Maple Grove, Minn. Filed Sept. 2, 2003, claiming priority to multiple prior patent applications. Patent No. 7,371,237.

Cereal grain kernels fortified with iron and calcium. Earl Cleve Christiansen, South Ogden; H. De Wayne Ashmead, Fruit Heights; Kris Eugene Spence, Madeira, Ohio; Kenneth Thomas Smith, Cincinnati, Ohio. Assigned to the Procter & Gamble Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. Filed May 7, 2004. Patent No. 7,371, 422, claiming priority to provisional Patent Application No. 60/470,070, filed May 13, 2003. Patent No. 7,371,422.

Nickel-based reagents for detecting DNA and DNA-protein contacts. Steven E. Rokita, Silver Spring, Md.; Cynthia J. Burrows, Salt Lake City. Assigned to the University of Maryland, College Park, Md. Filed July 3, 2000, claiming priority to provisional Patent Application No. 60/141,965, filed July 1, 1999. Patent No. 7,371,579.

Anti bacterial compounds. Cheng-Wei Tom Chang, Logan. Assigned to Utah State University, Logan. Filed March 20, 2006. Patent No. 7,371,733.

Tumor environment-induced ligand-expressing nanocarrier system. You Han Bae, Kun Na, Eun Seong Lee, all of Salt Lake City. Assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation, Salt Lake City. Filed Sept. 22, 2004, claiming priority to Application No. 60/505,227, filed Sept. 22, 2003. Patent No. 7,371,781.

EPDM rocket motor insulation. David G. Guillot, Tremonton; Albert R. Harvey, Brigham City. Assigned to Alliant Techsystems Inc., Edina, Minn. Filed Aug. 31, 2004, claiming priority to multiple prior patent applications. Patent No. 7,371,784.

Method and composition for reducing expression of ROCK-II. Scott Morham, Gongping He, both of Salt Lake City. Assigned to Myriad Genetics Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Aug. 20, 2004, claiming priority to provisional Patent Application No. 60/496,950, filed Aug. 20, 2003. Patent No. 7,371,850.

Multifault protected high side switch with current sense. Riley D. Beck, Eagle Mountain; Matthew A. Tyler, Bountiful. Assigned to ON Semiconductor, Phoenix. Filed May 20, 2003. Patent No. 7,372,685.

Mobile telecommunications device with cigarette lighter. Jeff Brudos, American Fork. Filed July 1, 2004, claiming priority to provisional Patent Application No. 60/484,187, filed July 1, 2003. Patent No. 7,373,183.

Effects and recording system. James D. Pennock, Salt Lake City; Peter Chaikin, Santa Monica, Calif.; Josh Kapp, Orem; John Hanson, West Jordan. Assigned to Harman International Industries Inc., Northridge, Calif. Filed Jan. 14, 2003. Patent No. 7,373,210.

Multitest analysis of real-time nucleic acid amplification. David J. Eyre, Salt Lake City; Assigned to Idaho Technology, Salt Lake City. Filed Feb. 12, 2002. Patent No. 7,373,253.

Location messaging method for delivering messages in a global virtual space. Gregory J. Boss, American Fork; Kevin C. McConnell, Austin, Texas. Assigned to International Business Machines Corp., Armonk, N.Y. Filed Dec. 6, 2002. Patent No. 7,373,383.

Kernel-level cryptographic kernel interface. Kais Belgaied, Toronto, Canada; Mark C. Powers, Park City; Bhargava K. Yenduri, Santa Clara, Calif.; Nicolas G. Droux, San Francisco, Calif.; Paul J. Sangster, San Jose, Calif.; Darren J. Moffat, Campbell, Calif.; Gary W. Winiger, Mountain View, Calif. Assigned to Sun Microsystems Inc., Santa Clara, Calif. Filed March 18, 2004. Patent No. 7,373,504.

RFID animal ear tag. Nephi T. Harvey, Ian R. Harvey, both of Kaysville; Malcolm R. Harvey, Hyde Park; Christopher F. Smith, North Salt Lake. Assigned to Fort Supply IP LLC., Kaysville. Filed Feb. 6, 2007. Design Patent No. D569,051.

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